Forest Facts

Benefits - The benefits of healthy forest systems are numerous. Forest systems clean air and help to regulate water tables. They sequester carbon and lower surface temperatures. They provide a home for wildlife and a healthy place for low-impact roaming, camping, mountain biking and more. Forests are important to a healthy and happy society - that's why we support efforts to plant more trees! 


Forests cover about 30% of the world's landmass (Nat Geo) but according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forest per year or about 27 soccer fields every minute. According to FAO, about 1/2 of the world's tropical forests have been cleared.

The causes of deforestation include:

  • Land Clearing for Livestock / Cattle
  • Harvesting of CPG inputs like Palm Oil
  • Urban Sprawl and Development 
  • Harvesting Timber for Paper & Building Materials

Beyond the loss in biodiversity and eco-system services like air and water cleaning and management - deforestation contributes up to 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions (WWF).

Trees have a decade plus growth cycle. When we lose their services, including carbon sequestration, we lose them for the long-term. 

Combining Forest losses from both manmade and natural causes, like fire and disease, paints a grim picture:



So - what can we do about all this? Our belief at The Dharma Revival is that every dollar spent in the economy should help restore the environment. This is how the economy can work in a sustainable way. For our part every sale supports the Pledgling Environmental Fund to plant trees. When you spend $100 with us, you are planting up to 30 trees! It's that simple, we don't believe we can provide a service or good with paying it forward to the environment that we love. With more success, we will do more.