The Dharma Revival

The idea for the comeback of truth permeates over into our musical offering, The Dharma Revival, designed to uplift and engage, bring the community together and stimulate dance.

We are an Americana band tinged with folk, funk and jazz overtones. We are a five to seven piece ensemble mixing acoustic and electric instruments into a palette of approachability, fun and togetherness.


 Who we are:

Ken Coulson "The Cow Whisperer": Ken is an advocate for sustainability and an artist working on musical and literature projects. He formed The Dharma Revival in 2018 with 20 songs written over the past 2 years or more. Ken has spearheaded multiple projects including Gatsby's Green Light (Jam), Kite (Rock, Jam), Other Corner Jug Band (Folk), and released albums as a soloist. He is working on two literature projects and two screenplays. At the core of Ken's work is the promotion of solutions to climate change and inequality.  

William Earley "The Aviator": Will is a virtuoso guitar player and teacher at the School of Rock. In 2017, Will formed The Hot Club of Blackrock to perform music of, and inspired by, Django Reinhardt. He has led and played in multiple projects including Hot Chaos, Will Earley & Friends, and more. 

Kurt Coble "Quark VII": A longtime fixture of Broadway's Phantom of the Opera and an innovator in robotic music, Kurt brings untethered classical influence and exploratory fire with his violin. 

Lucas Gould "Dusty H Warranty": instrumentalist, bass master, martial artist, and chief banter-er, Lucas holds down the low end with funky and soulful precision. A lifelong musician, Lucas is a co-founder of Relative Souls, a funk band that has toured and played festivals throughout the northeast. 

Conor Andrews "He Who Aims True": Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Conor plays the drums and sings harmony in the Dharma Revival.